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Why you should scrap your all inclusive beach holiday and visit Scotland

We have had the privilege of knowing Rebecca for a few years now. She is a talented writer, baker, singer/songwriter and dog lover. Whether she wants to admit it or not she is an incredible human with a passion for learning and exploring. At the beginning of the year she planned on taking herself and her car for a soul searching visit to Scotland. As the day came to set off, she got up at silly o’clock and got in the car. Even though she was nervous about the prospect of being her own company, she didn’t let this stop her.

Rebecca kindly accepted my request to write about her adventure. Scotland is one of the places we would love to go to but haven’t yet reached. If you enjoy Rebecca’s post please do show her some love on her Insta channel. Check out the video she made of her adventure! It’s incredible and we take out hats off to Rebecca for her bravery and courage. Without further ado…. Rebecca’s post!

Guest post by Rebecca Allen – Visit Scotland

Visit Scotland and scrap your all inclusive
Visit Scotland

I had wanted to go to Scotland for as long as I can remember. To this magical land fit for Kings and Queens and almost every mainstream TV program and film there ever was. They told me that it was far better than England, and well, the whole of the rest of Europe actually. Well aren’t they full of themselves? 

Spoiler alert: They were right. 

I decided to embark on this mission during May half term of this year (stupid idea, I KNOW). It was just me, my car and a human sized box of snacks to sit in my passenger seat and keep me entertained.  

I did a 1,300 mile round trip, starting in Edinburgh and leaving Scotland at the Cumbrian borders near Loch Lomond.  

I cried for about a week after I got home. That’s a lie, I’m still crying.  

I now tell new friends that I’m half Scottish. Sometimes, I’ll go full days speaking in a Scottish accent. (While spending those five days on my own in a car, I had to get good at SOMETHING). I buy Scottish shortbread and hang the wrappers from my wall like trophies, that only I know about. I bought a Highland coo.  

It’s fair to say, I miss Scotland. 

Scottish lake - Rebecca Allen

A blog post or a dissertation?

I was going to spend this article telling you all the places that you definitely should visit whilst you’re in Scotland, but quickly realised that the length of the piece would be closer to a dissertation than a blog so scrapped that idea. 

On second thought, I now want to convince you why you should scrap your £300 per person-all-inclusive to ‘somewhere in Southern Europe that all looks the same anyway’ holiday (no offence Emma and Lou, I love you really… Benidorm… *rolls eyes*) and instead, go to Scotland! 

First of all, it’s beautiful. Like not just ‘ah that’s a cute sunset’ beautiful, because you’re drunk on the weak Blue Lagoon cocktails Fernadez has shaken and stirred up for you. Scotland is the kind of beautiful where you will wake up at 4am (drunk or sober) just to watch the sunrise. Where every single corner that you turn has a whole new world, shining, shimmering, and bloody well splendid. And the kind of beautiful where that one wrong turn on a road where you can’t do a U-turn for 20 miles is actually a blessing not a curse.  

Scottish mountain and road
Wrong turn or right turn?

My second point is that this place is magic, like genuinely magic. And yes, I’m a bit of a magic fan and talk about it waaaaaaay too much, but even for people who are not into all that, Scotland is magic. It is home to some of the oldest Neolithic monuments, stone circles, and burial chambers in the whole world. If you’re an Outlander fan (don’t, just don’t, now THAT’s a dissertation), you will have heard of the legend that stone circles are time travelling portals, for the right people, at the right time.  

It could be YOU. This Summer… 

winterfell castle

It also has fairy glens and fairy pools and fairy hills, and oh, how can I forget, our good old friend Nessie. (#Ibelieve). These aspects of Scotland make it perfect for kids, not to mention the huge Harry Potter thing they’ve got going on. As in, Harry Potter was written in Edinburgh, inspired by everything Scottish and bits filmed there too (could you ask for more?). And then there’s Game of Thrones, James Bond, Brave, Macbeth, Braveheart, Made of Honour and the list goes on and on and on.  

So, that’s the extroverts convinced. Now for my introvert friends.  

There are lots of giant empty mountains with no one else there that you can go sit on a be alone.  

You’ll LOVE it.  

Safe travels, have a whisky on me, love, Rebecca. 

Rebecca Allen on tour
Rebecca on tour!

We want to know more! Did you ever visit Scotland? Did it change your life?

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