Galgos – 3 days to go!

As you all know, we have been approached by a Galgos dog rescue charity in Spain who require immediate help. The charity are currently bursting at the seams with over 200 dogs on site needing urgent care. They are so full that they have had to ask for help from other rescues as they do not physically have room for dogs found abandoned on the street.

We are hoping to volunteer 2-3 months to go over there and assist them in their duties.

How much does it cost to run the Galgos rescue centre?

With the kennel cost rising all the time to cover vet bills, food, power and accommodation, it is easy to see why they can not afford to pay staff and rely so heavily on volunteers to assist in programmes on site to continue their work. So where does the money go? It costs around 45,000 Euros a month. Vet bills (16,000 euros), Food (3,500), social security (thousands of euros a month) as well as maintenance, accountants and solicitors, vehicles (inc running costs), medication, pest control, insurance and tax. They use 7000 litres a day of water and the water bills are unforgiving.

We hope that you understand that our fundraising campaign is to help feed us one meal a day and cover basic expenses whilst there – all cash over this will be donated direct to help the Galgos.

Our Responsibilities with the Galgos charity.

We will not have any say over adoptions before anyone asks if we can smuggle one back home, but will be there to assist in other duties around the centre. We have done everything we can so far to raise money i.e. raffle of personal goods, fundraising plus of course we have lived a very basic life in the last few weeks that we have known our services are desperately needed. We are paying for as much as we can ourselves however we still need your sponsorship.

We have had some technical hitches over the last few weeks with GoFundMe as some donations have been returned or refunded for reasons we do not understand so the option of using Paypal is in place now. Our paypal link is



With all this taken into account unfortunately we still have a shortfall in the donations of £2000. If only we could explain how we are feeling knowing that we may not be able to fulfil our promise due to the short fall meaning we could not support ourselves fully whilst committing 18 hours a day, 7 days a week with no days off to helping these dogs, around £14,000 worth of minimum wage hours if you work it out.

We totally understand financial implications for individuals however even by just sharing our plea for help you are enabling someone else to help us, our promise to help these dogs is imperative to their future. Anyone who knows us knows just how hard working and passionate we are when it comes to animals. They will know that the thought of us having to cancel the trip and leave the rehoming charity without help will not sit right with us.


We also understand that making donations that are so public is uncomfortable for some, therefore, we offer you the opportunity, in the hope that you can donate to meet the shortfall of over £2000 to our PayPal account. We will not publicise your donation on social media but will endeavour to thank those that do where possible and keep you up to date via our blog.

Louise and I are coming up against some resistance from those who do not understand how or why this is so important. Galgos are used as hunting dogs and after the short hunting season, thousands are turfed out and abandoned. Many are killed in inhumane killing stations, others are mutilated. Some are dumped in large dumpsters that they can not get out of and others, like we were hearing about only a few days ago, are killed in traffic accidents. One of which Maria, a volunteer was on the way to rescue as she had a plastic bag tied around her throat. Sadly she was run over before maria got to the location.

This is hard work, but to those dogs, they are having their lives saved. They are being rehomed and living full happy lives and they are not suffering.

We are supposed to be travelling on Friday to Spain and need your help and sponsorship to make this happen so that we can help the dogs that are so desperately in need.

Please help us help the Galgos charity.

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