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VanLifeDiary – A New Journey Begins

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We have just undergone a rebrand to VanLifeDiary! We thought long and hard about whether to change the website and we ultimately decided that didn’t really describe who we are or what we do.

It was quite a mouthful and hard to remember. We want something with a bit more zest and ooomph! VanLifeDiary sounds clear and tells you straight off what we do. We are based in the UK currently and are taking some time to explore our own doorstep before going abroad. The UK has so much to offer from lakes and mountains to cities. History, culture and stunning locations.

travel suitcase

So, whats new about vanlifediary?

  • Better Graphics. As well as our own photos, some pictures may have been used from Unsplash
  • Regular updates.
  • More articles designed to inform and inspire. Whether about a location, a cause or an adventure we aim to bring you an enjoyable site full of information,
  • A focus on environmental and social issues. If we come across a project on our travel we may well blog about it to raise awareness and help shed light on important work being done to save a species.
  • Your Stories – We want to meet you and for you to be involved in our tales. In the old days, stories were shared around a fire pit under the stars and passed down through generations. We want to meet you and hear your stories and adventures.
  • VanLifeTourism – Our sister facebook site will be sharing anything tourism that Van Lifers may find interesting.

Tell Me More

We are adding more content, relevant to you, whether you are thinking about vanlife and researching or are long term van dwellers. From weekend rat race escapees to digital nomads. All of you are welcome here!

Please do bear with us during our transition – we will be updating some of our older posts and publishing them here. We are also working on new content and busy preparing for a busy summer!

If you have a story to tell or are part of a conservation project, wildlife, recycling or other interesting group, we would love to hear from you and pay you a visit. Being on the road we are more aware of the land we are travelling on and want to help raise awareness and help where we can.

Please keep an eye out for an email from us if you are previous subscribers – you will need to re-subscribe here due to GDPR!

If you are new to the site you can find our more about us and our van HERE

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