Join us on our Adventures!

We are Emma and Louise. We quit our jobs in March 2019 and have been travelling in our converted Iveco Daily ever since. Travel for us is so much fun but also is teaching us so much!

Emma and Louise
Melincourt Falls, Wales

Driving a 600 mile round trip, we brought her in January already converted. We haven’t changed very much so far, aside from fitting an inverter and split relay charger and a few shelves. Although we had a a few teething issues such as a flat turbo, she is a superstar. She has looked after us very well.

Travel, to us, is about exploration and finding out about the areas. So far have been up as far as Yorkshire in the north, Norfolk coast in the east, Somerset in the south and Gower Peninsular in the west. We have covered a fair amount of Wales and also been featured on Career Break Kate’s website!

Getting involved in almost any activity we have so far kayaked, cycled, hiked, quad biked and horse ridden. Its not just about the transport, its about the adventure. Get out of your comfort zone and seeing what you are really capable of doing!

Get Involved

Our blog aims to inform you of the locations we have been to and a little about the history of the place. We tell you about good campsites, activities and anything else of interest. Please do get in touch with us with suggestions, add information to the posts in the comments if you have been and know other places we haven’t mentioned and also join in the chat on the facebook page!

vanlifediary patchouli
Pachouli, Chewy for short!

We love to meet people too! If you see us about please do come and say hello! We have made some incredible friends from people we have met out walking. We encourage this community of nomads, wanderers, free spirits and weekend enthusiasts to share their stories and locations with each other.

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    1. Well, in a nutshell, we bought a van in January, quit our jobs in march and have been touring since then ( we have travelled from one end of the country to the other but there is so much to see we haven’t made it any further (except a ‘holiday’ in Spain for a week by aeroplane)

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